Monday, 7 November 2011

"Comfy Points" Bonus Time

I'm going to "use my powers for good" and ask, BEG you, to please consider donating to a very worthy little girl and her family. Her name is Anaya, she is from a little town in my province of British Columbia, and is in great need of help. The page I'd like you to check out is this :
Her family is raising money for a mobile care unit for Anaya, one that will assist them in giving her the best possible care while they experience every day she has left on this earth, rejoicing in her sweet life, enjoying each moment they are blessed with <3

I will give everyone who donates just $10 to help her 10 bonus "Comfy Points" that will be put into a draw to win a very special prize. If you donate more, please let me know. I will give you as many points as you donate dollars.
Please be honest, as I have no way of verifying you are actually donating. I'd like to think that everyone who says they've donated actually has.

Comment here if you make a donation, and I'll tally up your points and get them in the draw for you...I'll be drawing our winner at the end of the month <3

Thank you for becoming one of Baby Anaya's 3500 Angels !!

Mama <3

Sporadic Much ?

Soooo, anybody miss my amazingly incredible posts ?

Didn't think so  :)

I actually wanted to apologize for not following through on my attempt to write a blog post every day in October and to give away stacks of "Comfy Points"
I think I'll still plan on giving a special prize away, for everyone that's managed to get in on a "Comfy Point" or 2...
I award a point for various things, correct trivia answers, a simple response to a blog post, doing something especially amazing...

Keep an eye out, my next post will be all kinds of good...and it'll be all kinds of soon !!

Until then,
Mama <3

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Quick announcement of tonight's winners - yes, I said winners plural !!
For the actual correct answer of #1 - Cherries, because it was the only one with no camoflage- our winner is Jessica Bowen, congratulations - you get first pick of one of the 4 "P.I.X.I.E.S."
For the second logically correct answer of #4 - the grey camo, because it was the only one with no pink and was the masculine of the 4 - our winner is Brandi, you get 2nd pick of one of the 4 "P.I.X.I.E.S." - yay !!

Please comment here ladies to acknowledge you've seen this post, and also please email me at with your paypal addresses so I can invoice you for shipping for your prize - CONGRATULATIONS LADIES <3
Mama <3


Tonight's post is for a chance at one of the 4 "P.I.X.I.E.S." I posted on my page earlier this evening. I will give it away as "FFS" or "Free For Shipping", winner pays $2.75 shipping via paypal :)

Which of the 4 "P.I.X.I.E.S." was the ODD MAN OUT ? All correct guesses will go to the gods of and the winner will get to choose which one they would like. Also, all correct guesses will receive a "Comfy Point" for our draw at the end of the month !! Win-Win.

You will have 15 minutes from the time I share this blog post on my page to add your comment.
One comment per person, please make sure you leave me your email address if you're not planning on sticking around for when I announce tonight's winner.
Remember, you must "follow" my blog as well as "like" my facebook page to be eligible.

Mama <3

Super Saturday


There, thanks all. I was just looking over the very few entries/answers for "Comfy Points" from my last blog post and there is only 1 correct answer !! I'd love you to be able to get a point for answering my question correctly, so go back and re-read, and you may answer again.
As for today, it's Saturday, is Super and it's SUNNY !! It was chilly this morning, close to freezing, then skyrocketed to a very balmy temperature, like t-shirt warm !!

Today is laundry day, catch-up at home day, cut some wipes day, maybe even stitch some wipes day...that'd be FUN <3

Now, on to the "real" reason everyone actually glances at my blog, the opportunity for free stuff !!
For a chance at a "Comfy Point" to get in on a draw for something fun at the end of the month, please tell me when my prices are slated to go up ?
*Remember,  you must follow this blog and be "like" my facebook page to be able to enter*

Send me all the "productivity" and "happy kids" vibes you can !!


Monday, 10 October 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian friends, as well as anybody who likes to be thankful really. I am so totally thankful for so many things. I could list them but this blog would go on and on and on and get the point.
I will, however, touch on a few points of extreme thankfulness. These are in random order, but each are very important.

I am thankful for my hard-working husband - if not for him and his amazing budgeting skills, I would not be able to stay at home and take care of our children.
I am thankful for our children - every day they teach me something new, they grow as people and show me so much love I might burst.
I am thankful for my family, both genetically related or "adopted" - I love you all so much. These "adoptees" include my friends as well, you all rock !
I am thankful for my business, albeit small and sometimes messy and crazy - it has provided me with such an incredible outlet for my little form of "creativity" and I feel so blessed and honoured that so many of you have chosen me to make things for you.

So many more things that I truly am thankful for, many of which tie into these few things...
Full of gratitude, that's me <3

Today I am thankful that I get to go to my MILs ( Mother In Laws ) house for dinner, get to see my brothers in law and nieces, and don't have to cook. I attempted gluten-free vegan buns to take along, as one BIL is GF, the other Vegan...I'll be sure to let you all know how they turn out !

Now, onto the "fun" part - "Comfy Points"... tell me what my favourite part about Thanksgiving Dinner is and you'll receive a point to go into the draw for some goodies.

Off to bake the buns and get ready to head out for dinner.
Thankfully yours,
Mama <3

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Terrific Tuesday...yeah, kinda ;)

TERRIFIC your attention ?

* I have to apologize for not doing a daily blog post like I had hoped I could...sometimes the need to make lunches or the need for sleep overrules my good intentions...I'm sure you understand :) *

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting up with an amazing local mama to drop off a little package of softness. She is so cool, I could talk to her for hours ! Not only is she a phenomenal artist, she's such a sweet soul. Thanks for letting me chat your ear off !

Today was a beautiful weather day, a decently-behaved kids day, and a yummy dinner all around <3

On the Comfybuns front, I've been totally enjoying seeing how excited people are when they get their orders. My heart smiles every time someone posts on my wall that they received their wipes and how much they love them...makes me a little emotional even...

As a reward for reading this bit of blather, and for a "Comfy Point" ( entry into my end-of-the-month draw for a cool prize )....

*each correct answer will receive one entry into the draw*
(please remember that you must be a fan of my page as well as "follow" this blog to be eligible)
Goodnight my friends,
Mama <3

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Phil & Ted's Stroller Giveaway at Bundles And Buzz

As fast as you can and without delay, head over to Bundles and Buzz blog and enter to win an amazing stroller from Phil and Ted's

Come back and tell me that you entered ( and please be honest ) and you'll be entered to win a "Comfy Point", a chance to get entered into our October-long blog "experiment"/giveaway <3
Remember - you must follow my blog ( check on the right hand side to "follow" ) to be able to enter.

Good luck, if you win the stroller, be sure to let me know too <3


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

"Testing...testing...Is this thing ON ?" *TONIGHT'S CONTEST IS CLOSED*


Welcome to the Comfybuns Labratory, where today I will conducting an experiment. This experiment is the first in a series of experiments, and I couldn't be more excited !!

Our series of completely scientific and totally fool-proof tests will measure just how awesome the fans of Comfybuns Customs - Cloth Wipes & More really are.  Are you ready to be my little lab assistants ?

Here's how it'll go down :

Today, I will do a "freebie", just to see who's paying attention. Easy, nothing to tough about this one...

Starting October 1st, 2011, I will *attempt* to write a blog post a day. This in itself is a challenge, but I'll do my best.
In each post, I will give everyone an opportunity to gain a "Comfy Point" plus the chance for the odd bonus too - you may earn "Comfy Points" for a correct trivia answer, for a purchase on my facebook page or on another featured facebook page, or simply for a comment on a blog post. I'll try to be creative.

At the end of each day, I will make a note of each person who earned a "Comfy Point" or points, and at the end of the month I will put everyone's name into a draw to win a prize. The prize is yet to be determined, but it'll probably be pretty darn cool, so you don't want to miss it !!

A requirement to be a part of the fun will be to "follow" my blog, "LIKE" my page on facebook - www. and to just plain be awesome.

Think we can handle this ?

And now, just for today...
Anyone that comments and can tell me which creature I have in my logo will be entered into a draw for 2 free "Personal" wipes in surprise print. Even if you don't use them for baby wipes, they make great cloth napkins for your kids lunches ( or your own lunch ), a super nose wiper for upcoming cold season, or even a soft cleaner for your glasses - the possibilities are endless really :)

Good luck, my young scientists !


Monday, 26 September 2011

Can You Hear Me Now ?

Just wondering who actually reads my blog. Any blog for that matter.
What makes a good blog ? 

Giveaways? humorous anecdotes? deep, thought-provoking subject matter ?

You may not find any of that here, but then might ;)

Sprinkled in amongst the little bits of awesome that I may spew could be something for free...maybe

In a story so comical, so hilarious you have tears streaming down your face, there may be a clue to how to unlock a hidden prize...possibly

In ramblings so deep, so meaningful that you get lost for a while, a morsel of wisdom and perhaps yet another unclaimed bounty...could be

Stay on high alert...this girl is on a mission. A mission to actually write something decent, to make a point, to share a tip, to grow a dream <3

Until the next time,

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dear Blog, I've Missed You, Love Mama

     Tonight, dear friends, I'd like to apologize for neglecting my blog. It has been an amazing summer, full of adventures ( but those will be saved for perhaps another time )
Tonight I'd like to tell you all a story. A story that is dear to my heart, a story you may be able to identify goes...

     One day, there was a Mama...she was kind, full of love and laughter, proud of her kids and her husband, hard-working.  But most of all, she was tired. So very tired.

     You may wonder why this Mama was as tired as she was. You see, this Mama stayed up far too late, doing many different things, for many different reasons. Sometimes she stayed up late because one of her babies was sick and needed an extra cuddle in the rocking chair. Sometimes it was because she needed to just get one more load of laundry done. Other times, because she needed to finish up a project.
     Most often, though, it was because it was quiet. Oh, how she loved the quiet. Time to check emails without a "helper", time to work on making things for other people, time to enjoy just a moment without noise. This night was one of those "quiet" nights and the Mama decided to make midnight.

     So, as the last batch comes out of the oven, at 1:40 am, the Mama bids you goodnight, and sweet dreams. May angels dance on your pillows and rub all the knots out of your shoulders as you sleep. May you wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

     And by the way, the cookies are INCREDIBLE !!

Love Mama

*Recipe for Chocolate Mint Cookies*

Yield: 36 servings
2 2/3 c All-purpose flour
1/2 ts Baking soda
1/4 ts Salt
1/2 c Unsweetened cocoa powder
3/4 c Light brown sugar; packed
2/3 c White sugar
1 c Salted butter; softened
3 lg Eggs
1 ts Pure mint extract
10 oz Mint chocolate chips
Preheat oven to 300-degrees. In a medium bowl combine flour, soda, salt
and cocoa powder. Mix well with a wire whisk and set aside.
In a large bowl blend sugars with an electric mixer at medium speed.
Add butter and beat to form a grainy paste. Scrape sides of bowl, then add
eggs and mint extract. Beat at medium speed until light and fluffy. Add
the flour mixture and chocolate chips, and blend at low speed just until
combined. Do not overmix Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls onto
ungreased cookie sheets, 1-1/2 inches apart.
Bake for 19-21 minutes. Immediately transfer cookies with a spatula to
a cool, flat surface. Enjoy <3

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Flash Giveaway at Kael & Kaed on Facebook tonight

Just wanted to share that a local WAHMama is having a giveaway for a mini snack bag plus 30% off anything ordered tonight to one lucky winner...will it be you ? Check out for details :)
Have a great evening,

Friday, 24 June 2011

Quickly Now, go check out

Just wanted to let you know there's a late-night giveaway going on at KAEL&KAED trendy handmade (baby) things right now on their facebook page. Here's the link :
Good luck, make sure you enter :)

Monday, 20 June 2011

*CLOSED - THANKS FOR ENTERING* Flash Giveaway #2 - June 20, 2011

This flash giveaway is for a set of 2 "Personal" (7.5x4.5) wipes in "Peaceful Flowers" print.
Please leave me a comment with your email address, and be prepared to email me to claim your prize. will choose a winner in 5 minutes - good luck everybody !!

Mama <3

*CLOSED* - THANKS FOR ENTERING !! Flash Giveaway - June 20th, 2011

This giveaway is for a set of 2 "Personal" (7.5x4.5) wipes, in soccer ball print.
Leave me a comment with your email address, and be prepared to email me back to claim your prize.

You have 5 minutes, will choose the winner. Good luck !!

Mama <3

Winner of 14 Piece Wipes Set

I almost feel like there should be some victory music or something here....I am very thrilled to announce the winner of the set of 14 wipes, 2 each of all 7 sizes I make !!

Without further ado, chose #98 out of 102 eligible entries, as Ms. Melodi Gilliard

Melodi said...
Bahaha! In the nick of time I figured it out!! Off to share your link...wish me luck LOL! PS Hope the strike ends soon, I'm so looking forward to my package from you!!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

On the eve of Father's Day, I often think about the Dads in my life - My own Dad, who has been gone from this earth for 10 years ( already !! it just seems like yesterday that we lost you <3 ) And of course my sweet husband, the Daddy to our team of amazing kids. We have learned so much together, how to be parents, how to be "mates"...we are still learning, how to give and take, how to work together,  how to share this journey. 
I love you so much, honey - Happy Father's Day !!

Many blessings to all the Dads out there - to the SuperDads,  Dads to be, Dads to angels, Dads to other men's kids, Grand-Dads, Dads who wish they could be Dads, all of you - thank you for how much you have to give, for being the men our children need, and for being willing to learn how to be even better Dads... You are celebrated on Father's Day and always !


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Today Was a Good Day to Walk Away

Today, I walked away from cutting wipes, away from my untidy kitchen, away from the pile of laundry on the table waiting to be folded, away from the computer ( *gasp* !!! ) and played outside with my kids ( well, the 2 that weren't in school ).
We played baseball, kicked the soccer ball, watched out for dog poop, and dug in the dirt....a LOT !! I found my husband's gorgeous and soft leather work gloves ( seeing as I can't find any gardening gloves big enough to fit my "man hands" - the joy of having really long fingers lol ) and pulled weeds. Together we managed to completely de-weed one of our corner flower beds, and it looks amazing.
Now, if only I could find enough steam to de-weed all the other even bigger flower beds... but I am thrilled we got that done. Best part, it felt SO good to do it :) The kids were happy, I was happy and we had fun together finding shiny blackish-purple beetles that scurried all over my hand, enormous dirt-covered worms, cool to the touch, wriggling white grubs, deep in the dirt waiting to be "born".

Thank God for creating such beauty, even in small things.

Happy Gardening,

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Happy Camper

Our amazing girl and her Grade 5 classmates had a phenomenal time at camp. Although it was only 2 nights long, they managed to cram in so many activities...canoeing, survivor-style shelter building, making emergency whistles, "hobo" stoves, making cupcakes in their "ovens" in hollowed out orange skins, learning to make fire with lint and flint, mini fires in tuna cans...and don't forget the late-night hike, the "Mission Impossible" game and Capture the Flag...the campfire that Daddy and I got to go to last night, where the kids got to perform dramas, cheers and songs for us all....

She came home exhausted, happy, and full of stories and memories <3
Thank you to Auntie for going with her, to the TA's that were there with her and her special needs classmates, to her friends for including her in EVERYTHING, to the camp staff for being amazing and to God for giving us this incredible child.

My heart is full <3


Monday, 6 June 2011

*CLOSED* I LOVE YOU GUYS !! 2100 Fans ?? Yeah, I think so !!

Thankful...grateful...pleased...overwhelmed...I LOVE my fans SO much. Thank you for everything,  for your business, for your patience with your orders, for your words of encouragement, for just being there with me as we experience this adventure together !

To celebrate you, I'd like to share something with you <3

For one lucky fan, a set of 14 wipes - 2 "P.I.X.I.E.S." (9x12 un-paper towels), 2 "Plenty" (9x9), 2 "Perfect" (8x8), 2 "Pocket" (7x7) and 2 "Personal" (7.5x4.5), 2 "Petite Personal" (6x4.5), and 2 "Precious Preemie" (5x5) wipes, in your choice of boy, girl or neutral, I'll surprise you with the fabric and ship them to you for free.

To be entered, I will ask a few things of you. Leave a comment on this blog post with your name and email address, and whether you'd choose boy, girl or neutral wipes. Also, please follow my blog. I'd love to be able to have some sort of celebration when I have a large enough number of blog followers too <3
I will also give you a bonus entry for sharing this blog on your personal page. Come back and comment with the link to your post about it :)

I will leave this open until Monday, June 20th at 8pm, PST and draw our winner using

So excited to share these with you, hope you're excited to win !!

Mama is Sleepy, Mama is Happy

Getting the last few things tidied up, double and triple-checking the the morning our oldest daughter goes to CAMP !! It is the big "do" that all the Grade 5s get to participate in, the last "hurrah" before Middle School. It is even more special because this year, all 4 of the special needs students ( my daughter included ) who are in Grade 5 are attending, along with all of the "typical" Grade 5s.
This is a BIG deal and I am beyond proud. She has helped me pack, reminded me of things ( over and over and over ) and has talked about "Grade 5 Camp" since she found out about it earlier in the school year. My amazing sister is able to go with her, which makes it even more exciting, and not so scary for Mama ( I know my girl will be just fine, it's Mama that needs the reassurance lol )

If you pray, please send up a quick one for good weather, for peaceful campers and patient adults, and for a whole lot of fun and memories for everyone.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, 30 May 2011

Just Another "Manic Monday" ? Maybe

Today began much too soon ( at least if sure felt like it after only being in bed for a few hours ) ! I stayed up FAR too late trying to finish up the last of the orders that were nearly ready to ship so I could send them out today and beat the Canada Post strike deadline.

I can say that today sure felt like the Madonna song...I am actually smiling and humming the song "Manic Monday" as I type :)  It was go go go from the start, but not in a scary, stressed way. More of a "I-better-not-stop-so-I-don't-lose-momentum-and-crash" kind of way. I managed to send 11 parcels of super soft goodness out - Yay ! Everything else will be finished and put "on ice" while we wait until we find out what is going on for sure with Canada Post and the CUPW ( Canadian Union of Postal Workers ). I pray for a fast resolution if there is a strike, as I, along with many other Canadian WAHM's rely on Canada Post to get our goods to our customers. Couriers are generally far too expensive. I, myself, also rely on Canada Post to bring me all of my treasures I have purchased or won from other amazing crafters/artisans/creative individuals out there.

It is time to cut out another order in readiness to stitch, make lunches, put some more laundry on, unload the dishwasher, sweep the floor and maybe at some point, find sleep.

Thanks for listening ( and I have to ask...are you still singing because I am <3 )

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Laundry...I think it's winning...send help before it swallows me alive...

I love doing laundry - I love using home-made laundry soap, I love hanging as many clothes as I can to dry, I love remembering to clean the lint-trap on my dryer, I love the smell of fabric softener ( even though I only use it on my hubby's clothes ), I love using wool dryer balls....

I do NOT love the sheer volume of laundry that my family generates. With 3 busy kids, who play hard and very much enjoy finding all things dirty, their clothes alone are several loads per week. Add in my husband's and mine, plus athletic wear, plus towels, plus cloth diapers and wipes... laundry abounds.

I realize that our amount of laundry is not unique, many families have much more, many a lot less. Last year I kept track, for several months, of how many loads of laundry per week we did. Our average - 21 with some weeks as high as 27, some as low as 11 ( I really liked those weeks (o:  )

Try keeping track, even for a month, of how many loads you do, just for may surprise you !

And now, my friends, I am off to fold and put away more. I must make some room on my kitchen table so I can pull out the machine and get rolling on stitching a few orders.

Have a very happy Friday,

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Day 2 of Posting...on a Roll ?

Well, 2 days in a row is pretty good, right ? 

After a fun field trip to the dairy farm with my middle, followed by a picnic lunch in a very chilly wind, we made it home with enough time to cut out the rest of an order ( for Stacy ) and start cutting another 2 ( working on Melodi and Dorothy's ). Hopefully I will get enough time to do some stitching tonight too !

 I'd really like to have some sort of a giveaway, to celebrate my newly-born little blog, and I'm thinking of using Google docs, just have to figure out how :) Any feedback or advice would be very welcome <3
 Have a Comfy afternoon,

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Take 1

This will be exactly my first blog post...ever. Am I "behind the times" ? Am I late for the party ? Gosh, I hope not, there's still so much fun to be had.

I hope that there are many more adventures to be taken, many things to be learned, many smiles to be shared.

So glad you're on this journey with me. If you have any ( and I mean ANY ) suggestions on how to make my blog better, more enjoyable, "cooler", please don't hesitate to let me know, I am very open to learning new things. I can't promise to be good at it, being an "old dog" is hard sometimes !

Thank you for being a part of this.