Saturday, 15 October 2011

Super Saturday


There, thanks all. I was just looking over the very few entries/answers for "Comfy Points" from my last blog post and there is only 1 correct answer !! I'd love you to be able to get a point for answering my question correctly, so go back and re-read, and you may answer again.
As for today, it's Saturday, is Super and it's SUNNY !! It was chilly this morning, close to freezing, then skyrocketed to a very balmy temperature, like t-shirt warm !!

Today is laundry day, catch-up at home day, cut some wipes day, maybe even stitch some wipes day...that'd be FUN <3

Now, on to the "real" reason everyone actually glances at my blog, the opportunity for free stuff !!
For a chance at a "Comfy Point" to get in on a draw for something fun at the end of the month, please tell me when my prices are slated to go up ?
*Remember,  you must follow this blog and be "like" my facebook page to be able to enter*

Send me all the "productivity" and "happy kids" vibes you can !!



  1. That would be on November 1, 2011.:-)

    Kerry Michelle

  2. you are awesome! I think you make teh greatest stuff too!

    I am not going to answer this one as I didn't pay attention to it. But I see everyone is saying novemeber 1. Even if your prices are still going up doesn't bug me. I would still come to you in a heart beat. Love all the products and how SOFT they are.

  3. Prices change November 1. I agree with Miss-buggy, your product is still worth it!

    Follow as AA
    FB Anne Griffin

  4. Nov 1, 2011
    Candace Wigham