Thursday, 16 June 2011

Today Was a Good Day to Walk Away

Today, I walked away from cutting wipes, away from my untidy kitchen, away from the pile of laundry on the table waiting to be folded, away from the computer ( *gasp* !!! ) and played outside with my kids ( well, the 2 that weren't in school ).
We played baseball, kicked the soccer ball, watched out for dog poop, and dug in the dirt....a LOT !! I found my husband's gorgeous and soft leather work gloves ( seeing as I can't find any gardening gloves big enough to fit my "man hands" - the joy of having really long fingers lol ) and pulled weeds. Together we managed to completely de-weed one of our corner flower beds, and it looks amazing.
Now, if only I could find enough steam to de-weed all the other even bigger flower beds... but I am thrilled we got that done. Best part, it felt SO good to do it :) The kids were happy, I was happy and we had fun together finding shiny blackish-purple beetles that scurried all over my hand, enormous dirt-covered worms, cool to the touch, wriggling white grubs, deep in the dirt waiting to be "born".

Thank God for creating such beauty, even in small things.

Happy Gardening,

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