Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Flash Giveaway at Kael & Kaed on Facebook tonight

Just wanted to share that a local WAHMama is having a giveaway for a mini snack bag plus 30% off anything ordered tonight to one lucky winner...will it be you ? Check out
http://www.facebook.com/kaelkaed for details :)
Have a great evening,

Friday, 24 June 2011

Quickly Now, go check out http://www.facebook.com/kaelkaed

Just wanted to let you know there's a late-night giveaway going on at KAEL&KAED trendy handmade (baby) things right now on their facebook page. Here's the link :  
Good luck, make sure you enter :)

Monday, 20 June 2011

*CLOSED - THANKS FOR ENTERING* Flash Giveaway #2 - June 20, 2011

This flash giveaway is for a set of 2 "Personal" (7.5x4.5) wipes in "Peaceful Flowers" print.
Please leave me a comment with your email address, and be prepared to email me to claim your prize.

Random.org will choose a winner in 5 minutes - good luck everybody !!

Mama <3

*CLOSED* - THANKS FOR ENTERING !! Flash Giveaway - June 20th, 2011

This giveaway is for a set of 2 "Personal" (7.5x4.5) wipes, in soccer ball print.
Leave me a comment with your email address, and be prepared to email me back to claim your prize.

You have 5 minutes, Random.org will choose the winner. Good luck !!

Mama <3

Winner of 14 Piece Wipes Set

I almost feel like there should be some victory music or something here....I am very thrilled to announce the winner of the set of 14 wipes, 2 each of all 7 sizes I make !!

Without further ado, Random.org chose #98 out of 102 eligible entries, as Ms. Melodi Gilliard

Melodi said...
Bahaha! In the nick of time I figured it out!! Off to share your link...wish me luck LOL! PS Hope the strike ends soon, I'm so looking forward to my package from you!!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

On the eve of Father's Day, I often think about the Dads in my life - My own Dad, who has been gone from this earth for 10 years ( already !! it just seems like yesterday that we lost you <3 ) And of course my sweet husband, the Daddy to our team of amazing kids. We have learned so much together, how to be parents, how to be "mates"...we are still learning, how to give and take, how to work together,  how to share this journey. 
I love you so much, honey - Happy Father's Day !!

Many blessings to all the Dads out there - to the SuperDads,  Dads to be, Dads to angels, Dads to other men's kids, Grand-Dads, Dads who wish they could be Dads, all of you - thank you for how much you have to give, for being the men our children need, and for being willing to learn how to be even better Dads... You are celebrated on Father's Day and always !


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Today Was a Good Day to Walk Away

Today, I walked away from cutting wipes, away from my untidy kitchen, away from the pile of laundry on the table waiting to be folded, away from the computer ( *gasp* !!! ) and played outside with my kids ( well, the 2 that weren't in school ).
We played baseball, kicked the soccer ball, watched out for dog poop, and dug in the dirt....a LOT !! I found my husband's gorgeous and soft leather work gloves ( seeing as I can't find any gardening gloves big enough to fit my "man hands" - the joy of having really long fingers lol ) and pulled weeds. Together we managed to completely de-weed one of our corner flower beds, and it looks amazing.
Now, if only I could find enough steam to de-weed all the other even bigger flower beds... but I am thrilled we got that done. Best part, it felt SO good to do it :) The kids were happy, I was happy and we had fun together finding shiny blackish-purple beetles that scurried all over my hand, enormous dirt-covered worms, cool to the touch, wriggling white grubs, deep in the dirt waiting to be "born".

Thank God for creating such beauty, even in small things.

Happy Gardening,

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Happy Camper

Our amazing girl and her Grade 5 classmates had a phenomenal time at camp. Although it was only 2 nights long, they managed to cram in so many activities...canoeing, survivor-style shelter building, making emergency whistles, "hobo" stoves, making cupcakes in their "ovens" in hollowed out orange skins, learning to make fire with lint and flint, mini fires in tuna cans...and don't forget the late-night hike, the "Mission Impossible" game and Capture the Flag...the campfire that Daddy and I got to go to last night, where the kids got to perform dramas, cheers and songs for us all....

She came home exhausted, happy, and full of stories and memories <3
Thank you to Auntie for going with her, to the TA's that were there with her and her special needs classmates, to her friends for including her in EVERYTHING, to the camp staff for being amazing and to God for giving us this incredible child.

My heart is full <3


Monday, 6 June 2011

*CLOSED* I LOVE YOU GUYS !! 2100 Fans ?? Yeah, I think so !!

Thankful...grateful...pleased...overwhelmed...I LOVE my fans SO much. Thank you for everything,  for your business, for your patience with your orders, for your words of encouragement, for just being there with me as we experience this adventure together !

To celebrate you, I'd like to share something with you <3

For one lucky fan, a set of 14 wipes - 2 "P.I.X.I.E.S." (9x12 un-paper towels), 2 "Plenty" (9x9), 2 "Perfect" (8x8), 2 "Pocket" (7x7) and 2 "Personal" (7.5x4.5), 2 "Petite Personal" (6x4.5), and 2 "Precious Preemie" (5x5) wipes, in your choice of boy, girl or neutral, I'll surprise you with the fabric and ship them to you for free.

To be entered, I will ask a few things of you. Leave a comment on this blog post with your name and email address, and whether you'd choose boy, girl or neutral wipes. Also, please follow my blog. I'd love to be able to have some sort of celebration when I have a large enough number of blog followers too <3
I will also give you a bonus entry for sharing this blog on your personal page. Come back and comment with the link to your post about it :)

I will leave this open until Monday, June 20th at 8pm, PST and draw our winner using Random.org.

So excited to share these with you, hope you're excited to win !!

Mama is Sleepy, Mama is Happy

Getting the last few things tidied up, double and triple-checking the list...in the morning our oldest daughter goes to CAMP !! It is the big "do" that all the Grade 5s get to participate in, the last "hurrah" before Middle School. It is even more special because this year, all 4 of the special needs students ( my daughter included ) who are in Grade 5 are attending, along with all of the "typical" Grade 5s.
This is a BIG deal and I am beyond proud. She has helped me pack, reminded me of things ( over and over and over ) and has talked about "Grade 5 Camp" since she found out about it earlier in the school year. My amazing sister is able to go with her, which makes it even more exciting, and not so scary for Mama ( I know my girl will be just fine, it's Mama that needs the reassurance lol )

If you pray, please send up a quick one for good weather, for peaceful campers and patient adults, and for a whole lot of fun and memories for everyone.

Thanks for reading,