Monday, 30 May 2011

Just Another "Manic Monday" ? Maybe

Today began much too soon ( at least if sure felt like it after only being in bed for a few hours ) ! I stayed up FAR too late trying to finish up the last of the orders that were nearly ready to ship so I could send them out today and beat the Canada Post strike deadline.

I can say that today sure felt like the Madonna song...I am actually smiling and humming the song "Manic Monday" as I type :)  It was go go go from the start, but not in a scary, stressed way. More of a "I-better-not-stop-so-I-don't-lose-momentum-and-crash" kind of way. I managed to send 11 parcels of super soft goodness out - Yay ! Everything else will be finished and put "on ice" while we wait until we find out what is going on for sure with Canada Post and the CUPW ( Canadian Union of Postal Workers ). I pray for a fast resolution if there is a strike, as I, along with many other Canadian WAHM's rely on Canada Post to get our goods to our customers. Couriers are generally far too expensive. I, myself, also rely on Canada Post to bring me all of my treasures I have purchased or won from other amazing crafters/artisans/creative individuals out there.

It is time to cut out another order in readiness to stitch, make lunches, put some more laundry on, unload the dishwasher, sweep the floor and maybe at some point, find sleep.

Thanks for listening ( and I have to ask...are you still singing because I am <3 )

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