Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Happy Camper

Our amazing girl and her Grade 5 classmates had a phenomenal time at camp. Although it was only 2 nights long, they managed to cram in so many activities...canoeing, survivor-style shelter building, making emergency whistles, "hobo" stoves, making cupcakes in their "ovens" in hollowed out orange skins, learning to make fire with lint and flint, mini fires in tuna cans...and don't forget the late-night hike, the "Mission Impossible" game and Capture the Flag...the campfire that Daddy and I got to go to last night, where the kids got to perform dramas, cheers and songs for us all....

She came home exhausted, happy, and full of stories and memories <3
Thank you to Auntie for going with her, to the TA's that were there with her and her special needs classmates, to her friends for including her in EVERYTHING, to the camp staff for being amazing and to God for giving us this incredible child.

My heart is full <3


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