Friday, 27 May 2011

The Laundry...I think it's winning...send help before it swallows me alive...

I love doing laundry - I love using home-made laundry soap, I love hanging as many clothes as I can to dry, I love remembering to clean the lint-trap on my dryer, I love the smell of fabric softener ( even though I only use it on my hubby's clothes ), I love using wool dryer balls....

I do NOT love the sheer volume of laundry that my family generates. With 3 busy kids, who play hard and very much enjoy finding all things dirty, their clothes alone are several loads per week. Add in my husband's and mine, plus athletic wear, plus towels, plus cloth diapers and wipes... laundry abounds.

I realize that our amount of laundry is not unique, many families have much more, many a lot less. Last year I kept track, for several months, of how many loads of laundry per week we did. Our average - 21 with some weeks as high as 27, some as low as 11 ( I really liked those weeks (o:  )

Try keeping track, even for a month, of how many loads you do, just for may surprise you !

And now, my friends, I am off to fold and put away more. I must make some room on my kitchen table so I can pull out the machine and get rolling on stitching a few orders.

Have a very happy Friday,

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  1. i know how you feel i like laundry but it gets to be so much! i need a front loader bigtime!! it would seriously cut my laundry in half i have the crapiest top loader that was here when i got the house it hardly cleans my cloths my dipes are getting wicked build up. i have a family of 3 and do 10 loads a weeks not including diapers.