Monday, 7 November 2011

"Comfy Points" Bonus Time

I'm going to "use my powers for good" and ask, BEG you, to please consider donating to a very worthy little girl and her family. Her name is Anaya, she is from a little town in my province of British Columbia, and is in great need of help. The page I'd like you to check out is this :
Her family is raising money for a mobile care unit for Anaya, one that will assist them in giving her the best possible care while they experience every day she has left on this earth, rejoicing in her sweet life, enjoying each moment they are blessed with <3

I will give everyone who donates just $10 to help her 10 bonus "Comfy Points" that will be put into a draw to win a very special prize. If you donate more, please let me know. I will give you as many points as you donate dollars.
Please be honest, as I have no way of verifying you are actually donating. I'd like to think that everyone who says they've donated actually has.

Comment here if you make a donation, and I'll tally up your points and get them in the draw for you...I'll be drawing our winner at the end of the month <3

Thank you for becoming one of Baby Anaya's 3500 Angels !!

Mama <3

Sporadic Much ?

Soooo, anybody miss my amazingly incredible posts ?

Didn't think so  :)

I actually wanted to apologize for not following through on my attempt to write a blog post every day in October and to give away stacks of "Comfy Points"
I think I'll still plan on giving a special prize away, for everyone that's managed to get in on a "Comfy Point" or 2...
I award a point for various things, correct trivia answers, a simple response to a blog post, doing something especially amazing...

Keep an eye out, my next post will be all kinds of good...and it'll be all kinds of soon !!

Until then,
Mama <3