Monday, 6 June 2011

Mama is Sleepy, Mama is Happy

Getting the last few things tidied up, double and triple-checking the the morning our oldest daughter goes to CAMP !! It is the big "do" that all the Grade 5s get to participate in, the last "hurrah" before Middle School. It is even more special because this year, all 4 of the special needs students ( my daughter included ) who are in Grade 5 are attending, along with all of the "typical" Grade 5s.
This is a BIG deal and I am beyond proud. She has helped me pack, reminded me of things ( over and over and over ) and has talked about "Grade 5 Camp" since she found out about it earlier in the school year. My amazing sister is able to go with her, which makes it even more exciting, and not so scary for Mama ( I know my girl will be just fine, it's Mama that needs the reassurance lol )

If you pray, please send up a quick one for good weather, for peaceful campers and patient adults, and for a whole lot of fun and memories for everyone.

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